Long Island Craft Classic BREW'D Competition!

Local breweries will be going head-to-head battling to be named winner of the 2019 Brew’d Competition. Each competing brewery must use the fan-curated ingredient and brew an alcohol beverage (style of their choice) for an on-site attendee fan-favorite vote.

Attendees try all (or as many as they would like) of the exclusive beverage entries and then vote on their favorite with the given voting bottle cap. The winner(s) will be announced at approximately 5:00pm after votes have been counted. The winning brewery earns bragging rights and a Golden Keg.

NEW THIS YEAR! Attendees will be able to cast two votes - once for a professional, commercial brewery and once for a homebrewed, non-commercial brewer participating in the competition. There will be two winners - one professional and one homebrew brewer. The homebrewer with the winning entry will earn bragging rights and a golden tap.

This year's fan-curated ingredient is:

Commercial Category Contestants:

• Blue Point Brewing, Mango IPA (6%) - An aggressive IPA with a subtle hint of mango.

• Destination Unknown Beer Company, Coastal IPA (7.3%) - A hazy, juicy, New England IPA brewed with lactose and vanilla and conditioned on mangoes and coconut.

• Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing Co., Leitmotif (4.3%) - A kettle sour featuring a Belgian yeast, house Lactobacillus blend. It’s fermented with fresh pineapple and mango and has a refreshing tartness with a delicate balance of fresh tropical fruit.

• Garvies Point Brewery, Gone Astray Mosaic Session IPA (4.6%) - A light and fluffy session IPA single-hopped with Mosaic, brewed in collaboration with Black Sheep Ale House in Mineola. This beer is packed with hop flavor and aroma from the Mosaic hops added in the whirlpool & dry hop. Fermented with a Vermont yeast strain for added aroma and flavor!

• Great South Bay Brewery, Mango Starfish Ale (5.0%) - Made with a mango puree, Mosaic hops and Pilsner malts this beer is extremely well-rounded while giving you just the right amount of mango notes.

• HopWins Brewery, But That Mango (6.4%) - A lush garden of tropical and sweet “berry like” fruits can be found in this beer that gives way to a beautiful creamy mouthfeel. The mango lingers for a bit and fades nicely only succumbing to your next sip.

• Lithology Brewing, Mi-Mango-Mosa (6.5%) - A Brut IPA made with fresh mango and mango puree.

• Long Ireland Beer, I Am Mango (6.6%) - An IPA brewed with mango puree.

• Po’ Boy Brewery, Mangolicious Cider (6.2%) - Hard cider flavored with mango leading to a fruity, tropical flavor.

Vote for your favorite among the commercial category entries using the orange bottle cap you will receive to vote with at the Brew’d Competition tent.

Non-Commercial Category Contestants:

• Bernard Ramchatesingh & Claudia Chavez, I’m Hopped, Sticky, Sweet (7.4%) - Double IPA with Citra and Amarillo hops and mango puree.

• Danielle & Russell Malone, Mango We Eat (7.2%) - Wheat ale with mango puree.

• Joseph Cappellino, Candygram for Mango (5.5%) - A 17% cherry wood smoked malt wheat beer with Styrian Goldings and Chinook hops with a late addition of some habañeros. The mango was added during secondary fermentation, and more habañeros during the final rack.

• James Byrne, sWHEAT MANGO LOVE (5.0%) - American wheat ale made with mango flavor.

• Michelanna Pagano, Oh Mangoodness (6.0%) - Amber ale with fresh mango.

• Frank Filacchione & Mike Napolitano, Mango Tango (7%) - Spiked seltzer with mango concentrate.

• Jennifer & Tim Davis, Last Mango in Paris (9.2%) - Hard cider with mango and lactose.

• Peter Tripp, What’s aMango You? (6.5%) - English IPA with mango.

Vote for your favorite among the non-commercial category entries using the purple bottle cap you will receive to vote with at the Brew’d Competition tent.

All entries must abide by the rules and regulations of the competition as outlined upon registration for the competition. If you are a professional brewer or homebrewer participating bringing your beer to the Long Island Craft Classic and you would like to participate in the Brew'd Competition, please contact Kristyn@StarfishJunction.com.


Golden Keg Winners:

(Commerical Category)

2019:HopWins Brewery, Dat Mango Tho! (fan-curated ingredient - mango)
2018:Long Ireland, Moku Loa (fan-curated ingredient - pineapple)
2017:Greenport Harbor collaboration with Destination Unknown, Fuzzy Flamingo (fan-curated ingredient - peach)

Golden Tap Winners:

(Non-Commerical Category)

2019:Jennifer & Tim Davis, Last Mango in Paris (fan-curated ingredient - mango)


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